måndag 23 april 2012

Fuck your punk rock #4: The Greenery

The Greenery - Spit & Argue
2011, Prosthetic Records

This review has been in the works for quite some time now. I've been meaning to do this for ages, but for  various reasons it never happened. Until now. The Greenery is a band from Long Beach and they released this puppy last year on Prosthetic Records, and it is chock full of tight, aggressive, yet melodic metallic hardcore with loads of heavy breakdowns and galloping frenetic speeds. Their music is rooted mainly in early nineties hardcore with lots of heavy, chugging metal style ríffs and a vaguely crossover-y feel - like a slightly slowed-down DRI or a less thrashy Crumbsuckers. There's lots of dynamic, melodic guitar work going on, that, alongside an almost constantly changing pace, brings a sense of constant forward momentum to these songs. The band avoids the common trap of making shit overly complicated and instead gives the music a sense of direction, enough complexity to keep it interesting and a sense of urgency without losing the listener along the way. The Greenery aren't breaking any new ground on this release, but it's fucking tight and solid and the songs are infectious and fun, and their vocalist has a really cool raspy midrange snarl that remind me a bit of Keith Buckley from Every Time I Die. I also dig the - admittedly few - power violence vocal trade-offs in some of the songs. I'm a sucker for shit like that. For fans of Minor Threat, Every Time I Die, The Bronx, Youth Of Today etc. this should be a nice fit.

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